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When planning to workout and get in shape, people usually opt for a gym. But in case you are very busy, or don't want to spend much on a gym, all you need to do to get in shape, is to catch hold of a skipping rope. Skipping ropes or a jump rope as it is said is the best way to exercise and tone down your body to that perfect size. With Rakshak, you are bound to find the best and supreme quality Skipping ropes.


Skipping your way to health is the best way to stay fit. If you don't like to go to the gym or take a walk outside, you can simply grab a skipping rope and start skipping your way to a fitter body. Skipping is the cheapest way of burning those extra calories. Its biggest advantage is that, this exercise can be done anywhere and even in limited space. Skipping helps take care of your bones, and if you are young, it can also help prevent disorders like osteoporosis. Skipping also helps to tone the body, especially your legs. Skipping can also burn a lot of calories at one go. Skipping is the best way to warm up your body before a game practice or a match. It is an excellent source of all round exercise and it boosts your energy levels. Skipping can also help increase the height of children. In Hockey, skipping helps improve agility for rapid and accurate directional changes during the game. It improves body awareness and heightened visibility and also hand and foot coordination. These skipping ropes have a leather grip that does not slip, even if your hands are sweaty. The rope is made of durable material combined with plastic, which helps it to last long. It gives the skipping rope a longer durability and a longer shelf life. These skipping ropes can be used by children, women and men.

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