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Cervical Pillow/Cervical Spondylosis Pillow/Contoured Pillow from Grip's (A13) - Universal

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Quick Overview

  • Made with PU foam for comfortable sleeping experience. Soft fabric which is soft to the skin.

  • Reduces nightly neck pain. Contoured for comfort.

  • Helps you get rid of snoring issues.

  • Cervical contoured design.

  • Excellent support to the spinal cord. Reduces neck stiffness.

  • Box Contains: A box contains One Contoured Cervical Pillow (A13).

Cervical Pillow/Cervical Spondylosis Pillow/Contoured Pillow from Grip's (A13) - Universal


Do you often wake up with a stiff neck that sends chilling pain down your spine and shoulder? That pain, caused by your sleeping posture can give you mild to serious headache which can last all day, hampering your regular activities. Grip’s is here with a solution. Specially crafted for your comfort in mind, this Contoured Cervical Pillow has a unique design which goes under your neck, providing you with an ergonomic support system as you sleep. With its PU foaming wrapped in a soft fabric, it is soft and comfortable enough to offer you a good night’s sleep. You can change sides while sleeping without hurting your neck which thereby may help reduce snoring because of the change in posture. Get this today and say goodbye to neck sores.

Grip's Standard Cervical Pillow (A13) Your New Age Neck Comforting Pillow: Quit blaming your mattress as you wake up with a sore neck in the morning. More often than not, the reason for that neck stiffness is your choice of pillow. This kink in the neck not only causes a stabbing pain but also sends it down the arms and back, often leading to headaches ranging from dull pain to serious migraine. Grip’s is here with a Contoured Cervical Pillow that lets you bid adieu this. With a PU foaming covered in a soft fabric, the pillow has a specially contoured cervical roll design which maintains the height of your height, keeping it in line with your spine. So roll on your bed in sleep as much as you want, Grip’s has you covered.

PU Foam:The cervical pillow has been engineered with PU foam which increases its comfort level. The soft plush foaming allows you to sleep peacefully maintaining a posture which does not give you a sore neck the morning after.

Cervical Roll Design: One of the significant features of the Contoured Cervical Pillow is that it has a cervical roll design that goes under your neck as you sleep.

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