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“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game”- Michael Jordan

mySPOGA = My Sports + Games

mySPOGA is a one stop shop where we bring together a range of different sports, games, and fitness products with the sole objective of helping people excel in the sport or fitness goal they pursue. If you are just starting off as an amateur or are a seasoned player, we can provide you with -

  • Best quality Sports Products & Fitness Equipements
  • Access to expert Training and Coaching Facilities
  • Exposure to National & International Sporting Events
  • Unlimited access to Sports Medicines & Injury Prevention Methods
  • Platform to Interact with fellow Sports Lovers


mySPOGA is the brain-child of athlete Rohit Kapoor. This organisation was born out of his own experiences.

He started off as a cricket player in college, but gave it up after graduation, as he found no like-minded sports lovers. He took up long distance running, but suffered injuries due to the lack of expert guidance, training knowledge, equipment and facilities. He realized that the need of the hour was a platform that catered to all the sporting needs of athletes and amateurs, for people with similar goals and objectives, at the same time.


Our Mission

Arya Sports Venture Pvt. Ltd. (ASVPL) - the owner of mySPOGA, was conceptualized with the mission of making sports an integral part of every Indian’s life.

  • Sports for All - Provision of products, facilities, services and information via the Ecommerce platform and serves all Indians.
  • Talent Development - Development of strong association between sports and formal education, so that sports participation, education and management become career options.
  • Infrastructure Development & Management - Development and maintenance of sports related infrastructure on pragmatic commercial models.
  • Digital Marketing - Development of brands and revenue streams for sports manufacturers, service providers and sports property owners.
  • Development of 'Sportainment' - To develop live sport entertainment segment by coupling it up with sports that heightens the entertainment experience.

As a part of this mission, mySPOGA is the first step for creating a digital platform that would provide access to sports products, sports facilities and services.

Your Contribution Counts

It is a long road ahead, and we would like to learn and grow with every step that we take towards our destination. Share your  ideas, issues and thoughts over our social network or directly get in touch with Rohit at with your valuable feedback and comments.

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